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kiev menu

Homemade Soups 6

Some soups are seasonal. Soup comes with pirozhok (puff pastry filled with onions & meat or a vegetarian filling)

Ukrainian Borsch (v) (available cold in the summer)
Our Best Seller and a Classic... Beets and cabbage predominate topped with a dollop of sour cream and fresh dill.

Chicken Noodle Soup
Mamachka’s Best Creation..Made with organic chicken and vegetables, seasoned to perfection topped with fresh dill.

Rassolnik (v)
Pickle Soup??? Classic Russian soup made from pickled cucumbers, rice and potatoes topped with a dollop of sour cream and fresh dill.

Pelmeni Soup
Russian/Ukrainian dumpling soup in our homemade broth topped with fresh dill.

Soup Sampler..10
Choose 3 soups. Comes with pirozhok.

Zakuski / Appetizers

Salad Olivie...4.5
Russian style potato salad.

Venegret (v)...4.5
Beet salad.

Blini (v)...4
Served with sour cream. (order of 3)

Mini puff pastry stuffed with meat or a vegetarian filling. (order of 2)

House Salad (v)...5
Tomatoes, onions, cucumbers & fresh dill dressed with sour cream or oil vinegar.

Young Potatoes (v)...5.5
Served with fresh garlic and dill.

Herring & Onions (v)...4.5
If you are a real Russian, you must try this... Pieces of herring with fresh onions seasoned in olive oil and vinegar.

Hot Dishes

Stuffed cabbage/halupkis served over garnish.

Vareniki (v))...8
Homemade pierogies stuffed with your choice of potato or sauerkraut topped with fried onions and dollop of sour cream.

Kapusta (cabbage) and noodles.

Breaded chicken breast seasoned to perfection served over a garnish. Comes with a side salad.

BFD Chicken Paprikash...9
Chicken simmered in broth with onions and paprika. Served mixed in with a little sour cream over a garnish. Comes with a side salad.

Dessert / Beverage

Russian crepe filled with homemade farmers cheese, topped with homemade fruit compote, drizzled with chocolate.

Noodles & raisins cake topped with fresh fruit and topped with sour cream.

Homemade pierogies filled with seasoned fruit.

Fruit Plate (in season)...5

Compot ..3
homemade fruit juice

Kvas ..3
Fermented beverage made from rye bread

Our Story

8 Years of family tradition.

Meet the mother/daughter duo Vica and Milana (mamachka) who own and manage the day to day tasks at BFD. Immigrating from Kiev, Ukraine about 20 years ago, Vica graduated from Seton Hall University with a BS in International Relations and Diplomacy. That major landed her a job with the United Nations in Manhattan for a little while and then Lucent Technologies offered her a great job.

While attending high school and college, Vica had always worked in the food industry which she learned to love, and has owned this ‘local gem’ for the last 8 years. Our entire business has been based on word of mouth as well as our appearances on TV, written articles in newspapers, magazines as well as being rated a top food place on YELP. This is not just your regular deli - we call this place “Cheers” - most likely when you are here, you will know someone that walks into the door. So if you need some breakfast, lunch, catering for that special event or if you want to join us for our Famous 5 Course Russian/Ukrainian dinner, just stop in and say Hi!


Black Forest Deli

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The mother daughter duo have been featuring on NBC, WFMZ and other local networks.

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